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My Favourite Murder – 12 Days of Podmas

Let’s be honest, we all have an interest in true crime. Whether it’s enjoying episodes of police procedurals, watching documentaries about serial killers, or delving into books on the topic; we all have something of a morbid curiosity when it comes to the darker side of human nature and what drives people to act upon the darkest of all impulses.

Hosted by comedians Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, each episode of My Favourite Murder takes the audience through stories of murder, crime and survivor tales with the aim of educating the audience on the subject. But what sets My Favourite Murder apart from other true crime podcasts is that the hosts aim to try to shine a light on problematic themes that are often a part of true crime reporting, such as how people with mental health conditions are demonised by both the press and police, how crimes against women and minorities are treated as less serious, and how even to this day sex workers are treated as if being murdered is simply a hazard of their job.

The show not only talks about these issues, but it empathises with the people involved. Georgia and Karen feel for the people they talk about and you can tell that they care deeply for the victims. They also draw upon their own life experiences to imagine themselves being in similar scenarios, with both of them talking openly and frankly about their own mental health issues and history of addiction.

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My Favourite Murder began as a show with two true crime lovers talking about their secret passion, but has transformed over time to become a passionate and caring community. The listeners have become a part of the show, sending in their own ‘hometown stories’ and coming out en mass to attend live shows. But it’s the times when their hometown stories bring the hosts to tears, or when the subject of a survivor story comes to their show to thank them for telling their story, that makes the podcast so special.

You’ll be drawn into amazing stories, made to laugh out loud, and even moved to tears. True crime can leave you horrified, it can show you the darkest of human nature, but My Favourite Murder will also leave you feeling awed at the strength of humanity, people’s ability to survive against the impossible, and it will let you know that if you ever feel like you’re not normal for being fascinated by the topic you are far, far from being alone.

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