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Top 5 sci-fi foods to serve your guests this Christmas

It’s time to talk turkey. And stuffing. And maybe some brussels sprouts, if you happen to be into that kind of thing. It’s time to look at some alternative Christmas foods from sci-fi movies and TV shows that you might want to try instead of your usual festive fare. But you might want to have the antacids on standby – just in case!

Sorry. Out of pastries.

Groosling Soup

The Hunger Games series is mostly about the hunger, and the games, and the crushing oppression, and the brutal blood sports that masquerade as entertainment, but there is still room in this series for food. Groosling soup, specifically, gets a mention quite early on in the series, showing up in the first Hunger Games. A bird which is apparently much like turkey, it is minced up and added to the soup along with a collection of herbs. Sounds rather yummy and certainly something to warm the cockles of your heart on a cold winter’s night. You could even add noodles for that authentic sci-fi experience!

That’s a weird way to eat noodles.


Speaking of the humble noodle, they are a recurring food in many sci-fi TV shows and movies, showing up in Alien, Blade Runner, Prometheus, Battlestar Galactica, and more. They are used as shorthand to show a melting pot of cultures. In Blade Runner you have your streetwise LA Blade Runner Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) being introduced to the audience while chowing down at a roadside noodle bar. They can also be used to suggest limited food supplies, being cheap to manufacture and purchase as well as taking up little space compared to other foods.

Londo’s spoo was juuuust right.


We have Babylon 5 to thank for bringing us spoo. It is a staple food for the Centauri as it is produced within the Centauri Republic, and considered a delicacy across much of the rest of the galaxy. What is it? Well, this is one of those times when it is perhaps best not to ask too many questions about the origin of your food if you are at all squeamish. The Spoo is a small, white creature that thrives in moist, damp environments and is generally considered to be one of the ugliest creatures in existence. Still, they are apparently extremely tasty so there’s that. Spoo is generally served sliced into small cubes, to make sure there’s no possible resemblance to the creature it used to be. Don’t want your diners being put off their food! Always remember though, to let your spoo AGE. Never serve a Centauri fresh spoo, you might as well just insult him to his face.

There are no jumja sticks in this photo. We don’t know why.

Jumja Sticks

While perhaps not the most appetising looking things in the world, Jumja sticks are a a Bajoran confectionary made from the sap of the Jumja tree. Extremely sweet, they were also said to be very high in vitamin C, so perhaps a better way to get your children to take their vitamins than trying to ply them with oranges or pills. You could find these being sold in street kiosks as well as on board the Federation space station Deep Space Nine in a variety of flavours.

Are there any mince pies left?

Melange (Spice)

And perhaps as an aperitif with a cup of raktajino (Klingon coffee) you could have some of that singular treasure from the planet Dune aka Arrakis: Spice. Described as being cinnamon flavoured (at least to begin with), side effects may include a longer lifespan, precognition, heightened awareness, addiction, and possibly death if the user goes into withdrawal. Still, a small price to pay for trying the single most valuable commodity in the entire universe!

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