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Top 5 Characters to invite to your Christmas party

Ho Ho Ho! Christmas is on its way and that means it’s probably time for the office party. We thought we’d take a look at some sci-fi characters you would want to have at your Christmas party or dinner, as either they’re the life of the party or, frankly, it would just be too funny to see them trying to fit in.

Londo Mollari – Babylon 5

Specifically pre-season two Londo Mollari (Peter Jurasik). This Centauri diplomat was the life of the party, dedicated to taking things not entirely seriously, enjoying wine, women, song, and food in equal measure. Occasionally prone to clambering on tables and proclaiming “But in purple, I am STUNNING!” before passing out, this particular character seems like he would just be an absolute riot to have around. Just try not to get him talking about why his household gods have quite so many, uhm, attributes.

General Martok – Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Martok (J. G. Hertzler) was a man who rose from being a peasant boy in an outlying province, up through the ranks of the Klingon Defense Force to eventually become the Klingon Chancellor. A gruff, tough warrior, he has also shown himself to be a shrewd judge of character, and a man who cares for the people around him. With a dry wit, the infamous Klingon love for food and bloodwine, and what will likely be an endless supply of war stories and tall tales, Martok seems like the kind of Klingon you would definitely want to spice up your party. Not sure what he might make of Londo, though. Maybe best to seat them at separate tables!

Teal’c – Stargate SG-1

While coming across as a little lacking in humour, scratching the surface of this former Jaffa warrior, you will quickly find a hidden vein of dry, sardonic wit beneath that stoic exterior. You might need to spend a fair bit of time explaining human customs to Teal’c (Christopher Judge), though, as the Goa’uld weren’t big on things like Christmas while they were busy taking over the galaxy.

Dale Cooper – Twin Peaks

FBI Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) is a man who can deal with almost anything with the same unflappable aplomb, be that strange backward-talking people in red rooms, mysterious giants, or the occasional gunshot wound. With a love for the simple things in life, a keen eye for detail, and a deep concern for his fellow man, he seems like the sort of person you’d love to sit down and chat to over a cup of coffee and a slice of cherry pie. Just be sure to never leave him alone with your next party guest…

Captain Jack Harkness – Doctor Who/Torchwood

Ladies’ man. And man’s man. And, well, pretty much everyone’s man, in fact. Dashing rogue, incorrigible flirt, and former time agent, the handsome, mysterious and immortal Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) is certainly at home in any situation and at any party for that matter. You do just need to be careful not to leave him alone with your liquor cabinet, or any handsome young men, pretty young ladies or – well, just don’t leave him alone with anyone at any time if you don’t want to have some explaining to do the following morning!

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