Life Is Strange #2 – Comic Review

A month ago, we were re-introduced to Max Caulfield and Chloe Price, a year removed from the destruction of Arcadia Bay and now living in Seattle. As the anniversary of the destruction of the seaside town loomed, Max discovered she was unable to control herself as she shifted between apparently different timelines. Tortured with images of a world saved by Chloe’s sacrifice, the pair decide to head back to Arcadia Bay hoping for… something.

The latest issue of Titan Comics’ Life is Strange Season One continuation jumps in mere seconds from the end of the last. Our heroes are on the road, heading towards their once picturesque home and praying for a revelation on the way. 

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Split more or less down the middle into two parts, the second of this four issue story begins as a road trip. We’re confined to the cabin of Chloe’s truck while our intrepid duo deal with what has happened in the last twelve months, and what is going to happen when they get back to Arcadia Bay. Tempers are hitting cabin-fever levels and the tension between the couple rising, and it’s a gut-wrenching moment for the reader when Max tries to force Chloe to face what the both of them have been running from for the last year. 

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The last half of this issue centres not only on the return to Arcadia Bay, but also how this return affects our characters. Half restored in the time since the storm tried to wipe it from the map, the Bay is still reeling from the disaster. For every rebuilt house there are three ruined landmarks and a memory for one of our characters destroyed. As the pair venture to the places they know, Max’s visions become stronger and stranger, forcing her to face not only a world without Arcadia Bay, but a world without Chloe. As she suffers through these moments and we suffer with her, things take a strange turn.

With this second issue, ‘Dust’ has thrown itself completely in to these characters we love so much. Emma Vieceli’s portrayal of Max and Chloe is spot on, and her pacing – especially when it comes to spreading out and delivering those heartstring-pulling moments – is phenomenal. With Claudia Leonardi continuing her excellent illustration work, not only has this comic series perfectly encompassed the spirit of Life is Strange, it has become required reading for anyone with a lingering love for these characters. 

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