Sonic the Hedgehog #12 – Comic Review

It’s another slow transitional issue for Sonic The Hedgehog, as there’s plenty of debriefing going on throughout the episode in regards to the resistance and their allies. Everyone (who isn’t Shadow) makes a cameo appearance here to ensure the reader knows they still exist and what they’ll be doing for the next few episodes.

As the introductory arcs showed Sonic meeting people one by one; here he has a series of interactions with the supporting cast to see where they’re going next. They’re brief, but they are perfect in how they capture the characterisation of the characters so far. For example, Rouge is relaxing and talking about going back to spying but then mentions she’s keeping an eye on the Master Emerald; which is being closely guarded by Knuckles. Chaotix are looking to be paid whilst Tangle is excited for her next adventure and Whisper is quiet.

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These continue on, with Sonic briefly visiting them before setting off with Tails. But that doesn’t mean that Sonic is left without any interesting development. In fact, what’s surprising is his treatment of Neo Metal Sonic at the start of the issue. Tails appears to have deactivated his weapons and nullified him, and Sonic tells his foe that he has a new chance to make something of himself. Naturally Neo Metal Sonic doesn’t, but it’s another example of this iteration of Sonic not being as arrogant or selfish as previous versions of the character has been. It’s consistent with what we’ve seen in the past and it’s nice to witness.

What’s also nice to witness is further plot development. Immediately the action flips back to the dubious Dr. Starline with Rough and Tumble trying to refresh Dr Eggman’s memories with no luck. As soon as Neo Metal Sonic arrives, Eggman’s memories return and immediately we see our first proper look at the main antagonist of the series. As Dr Eggman is his true self, It’s remarkable how he doesn’t remember Mr. Tinker and that’s it’s just brushed away. It’s a development that I think was there just to postpone Eggman’s appearance and to keep him out of the Neo Metal Sonic arc. It’s a shame, as there’s plenty of room for him to grow as a character because of it.

But the issue ends with the hints of a new plan, a new arc to begin to explore. It’s another issue of laying foundations, but if it starts to narrow the scope again – then that’s fine.

Sonic the Hedgehog #12 is now available from IDW Publishing.

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