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Mayans M.C. 1×06 – ‘Gato/Mis’ – Review

Yet another episode of simmering tension and great character development as this time we see family bonding (of sorts) and a few heart stopping moments that are setting this first season of Mayans M.C. up for an explosive finale.

A surprising sight for Felipe in the morning as he opens his door to the fed, Jimenez, that has been checking up on EZ and the Galindo cartel sitting on his porch, drinking and looking a general mess (an earlier season reveal is that Jimenez is also Felipe’s nephew). This becomes some a sort of family bonding session as Felipe and Jimenez spend the day talking about old times. We hear a little more about Felipe’s past, how he escaped his dark and violent younger days, and Jimenez talks of his alcoholic father.

Both characters seem pretty emotional at this point and this meeting could be seen as some kind of closure; but looking back at past meetings between the two, is there more to this than meets the eye? Jimenez now knows of Felipe’s past quite extensively. And with Felipe effectively threatening his family in a previous episode, there could be more to Jimenez’ visit than we might initially assume.

But of course, the big part of this episode was the on-going mission of the Galindo family to get their son back. It looks like that will happen here as the rebels strike a deal with Miguel to exchange a very large sum of money for their son. This whole part of the episode is great as inevitably, Galindo wants revenge on Adelita and the group as soon as he has his son, but as we’ve found out, Adelita is a smart woman and things will never run as smoothly for Miguel and the Galindo clan as they would hope.

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The moment of exchange is a pretty heart-stopping moment as we see Miguel united with his son but anything could happen in the minutes it takes him to get back to his family. And in a few minutes of well thought out and written drama, it does. Fortunately, the baby had a blanket to keep him safe.

In amongst all the great suspense and drama of that particular story, Coco and EZ aren’t having the best of days as Coco’s daughter, Leti (Emily Tosta) turns up – only this time with a very dead surprise in the trunk of a car. Coco gets called away on club business so it’s up to EZ to dispose of the body and look after Leti in Coco’s absence. All seems to go to plan but Coco’s reluctance to tell the rest of the club what’s happening and who Leti is leaves Coco vulnerable to club president Bishop’s ideas about who the traitor in the club is; and currently, it’s not looking good for Coco in that respect.

This episode had some great reveals throughout and it seems the rebel group could be bigger than first presumed, Adelita letting on that the group helps “thousands,” so more to come on that. Meanwhile Miguel’s mother, Dita (Ada Maris) seems strangely  indifferent to what’s going on around her with the Galindo family and Emily’s increasing involvement. There could be more going on than meets the eye there and with a familiar face appearing at the very end of the episode, the next few episodes of Mayans M.C. could be truly riveting and exciting stuff.

Mayans M.C. is on BBC 2 Saturdays at 22.30. The entire first season is available to view on BBC iPlayer now.

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