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Mayans M.C. 1×07 – ‘Cucaracha/K’uruch’ – Review

As we’ve seen the past few weeks on Mayans M.C. there seems to be something bigger on the horizon in terms of Adelita and her gang of rebels, the whole feud with the Galindo cartel and the return of agent Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon) to also investigate the Galindo’s. Add the ongoing troubles between Coco and daughter, Leti ,and his mother as well as President Bishop and co’s mission to find out who the club traitor is, it’s another compelling episode of the biker drama.

First, the return of unconventional and kind of weird agent Potter who Sons of Anarchy fans will remember from season four. He actually did some damage to SAMCRO back then but whether or not he’ll be able to take down the Galindo cartel while keeping an eye on the Mayans M.C. remains to be seen. But it’s certainly promising for him by the end of the episode as far as taking down the Galindo’s goes and it’s definitely going from bad to worse for that particular empire, it seems.

While in jail after the previous episodes antics with the genius move from the rebel group involving Miguel and Emily’s son, Miguel gets a visit from Adelita and lays out an idea to him which would use the cartel to change things in Mexican politics. Adelita’s plans seem to become bigger and more clear with each episode but whether or not any of this will happen now is in doubt due to the Galindo family’s arrest at the end of the episode, after Miguel’s return, thanks to Agent Potter. But whatever happens, Adelita needs to be careful around Miguel. As his brutal dispatch of a fellow prisoner twice his size proved.

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Back to Adelita and it turns out that she knows who Felipe Reyes is: her father’s partner in crime in their dark, torturous, beheading days. But with Adelita believing that it was Felipe who ratted her father out to the cartel and what he was doing, therefore getting Adelita’s family killed, Felipe has to convince her otherwise. So with that in mind, there is clearly more to Adelita’s relationship with Angel than first thought. And what with her plan with the cartel also in the pipeline, has she get something nasty in mind for the Reyes family? The way Adelita is planning things ties these characters and events together so is definitely making for exciting viewing.

Meanwhile, Leti has had enough of her horrible prostitute mother once and for all and using some brutal self-harm, hatches a plan so that Coco will get angry and deal with her. Of course, pimping out your daughter for rent money is bad enough but physical abuse is to far and Leti seems to know that Coco knows this to and will act accordingly and it’s another brutal moment for the show proving what started out as a little side-story is getting more interesting with each episode and Leti could well go on to become quite the trouble-maker and shit-stirrer for Coco and his friends and brothers in the club.

Talking of the club, Angel is at it again as it appears he has ratted out certain members as the traitors in the club to save his own skin. Although pretty inevitable, it’ll be worth keeping an eye on how this plays out as we’ve seen before that M.C.’s aren’t stupid and it could backfire on Angel completely. Although it feels like this part of the season has taken a slight back seat due to all the stuff with Adelita and the Galindo’s, in particular over the couple of episodes, it’ll still be good to see how it plays out.

Overall, another solid episode of Mayans M.C. While not being quite as good as the last few, it still had enough about it to keep you watching carefully. The stories are all still working well and are gripping enough and the performances are as strong as ever. This episode, comparatively, could be the calm before the storm.

Mayans M.C. is on BBC 2 Saturdays at 10.30pm. The entire first season is available to view on BBC iPlayer now.

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