Marvel Action: Avengers #3 – Comic Review

Marvel Action: Avengers concludes a big part of its initial story-line in this months issue as Iron-Man finally breaks free of the mind control that has caused him to fight his former teammates.

Continuing on from the previous issue, the Avengers find themselves having to try to subdue an AIM controlled Iron-Man, whilst fighting the giant alien dragon Fing Fang Foom. Fing Fang Foom seems to be an antagonist that Marvel doesn’t use in their comics that much, so to see him fighting the Avengers is a nice change, and has some great visual moments, particularly when he’s fighting against Captain Marvel and Thor.

Whilst Fing Fang Foom fights against the stronger Avengers, the AIM Iron-Man is left to fight the more human members of the team, such as Black Widow and Black Panther. Despite all of the action in the issue it actually comes as something of a surprise that it isn’t the fight, or one of the other Avengers, that eventually frees Tony from his mind control, but the AIM agent that originally attacked him.

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The twist that an AIM agent has a conscience, and does the right thing in the end, is one that tends not to happen in comics all too often. Usually the hero will overcome the mind control them self, or one of their allies will do it. It might not seem like a big thing to go against this trope here, but this adds depth to what would normally be a background character, and makes this a story that is a little more memorable than the average adventure.

With Tony breaking out of his mind control one would think that the story would come to an end, however, the final pages of the issue reveal that this may actually just be the beginning of an even bigger story, with a mystical ruby being stolen from the collar around Fing Fang Foom’s neck, before it is delivered to the evil villain Count Nefaria. With Nefaria being one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel universe this surely means that the Avengers have barely begun their adventures.

This issue seems to be acting as something of a bridge, wrapping up one story-line whilst setting up another. As a result of this, some aspects of the story are a little glossed over, such as the capture of the AIM agents by the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D.. Despite this, the issue is generally entertaining, combining both over the top action in the fight with Fing Fang Foom, as well as smaller character focused scenes, like when Tony remembers the deaths of his parents.

Not the best issue of the series so far, however it does introduce some interesting new elements into the mix.

Marvel Action: Avengers #2 is now available from IDW Publishing.

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