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Game of Thrones – Top 5 Quotes

“Winter is coming.”

Hands down the most recognisable line from the George R. R. Martin book convert to HBO juggernaut of a show that is set to return this April 14th. Fans have been eagerly and patiently awaiting the conclusion of the Game of Thrones series for almost two long years.

Up until now there have been countless memorable lines and speeches from the show that are pure poetry. Even after all this time there are some lines that one just can’t forget due to their iconic and memorable importance. We’re going to bravely narrow down the list to the top 5 lines spoken in the series.

But before that – an honourable mention to a few lines that the series has immortalised. Some have been spoken more than once and by different people, but the main character that is known for each line is credited below.

Cersei Lannister: “When you play the game of thrones, you win or die. There is no middle ground.”

Jon Snow: “Stick him with the pointy end.”

Tyrion Lannister: “That’s what I do. I drink and I know things.”

Ygritte: “You know nothing, Jon Snow.”

Melisandre: “For the night is dark and full of terrors.”

Hodor: “Hodor.”

Olenna Tyrell: “I want her to know it was me.”

Just about everyone at some point: “Send a raven!”

For this list though, the quotes that were chosen were memorable but also hopefully give the viewer some kind of clue to what is in store with the episodes about to be released. In anticipation of the new season, most fans are rewatching all seven seasons to prepare for the answer of who will end up on the iron throne. The following are the most chill-worthy and juicy spoken quotes after re-watching the entire series (twice, don’t judge).

5. Fire and Blood – Season 1, Episode 10

When Jamie Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) is Catelyn Stark’s (Michelle Fairley) prisoner, the following dialogue occurs between the two:

CS: “Your crimes will have earned you a place of torment in the deepest of the seven hells, if the gods are just.”

JL: “What gods are those, Lady Catelyn? The trees your husband prayed to? How well did they serve him when my sister took his head off? If there are gods, why is the world so full of pain and injustice?”

CS: “Because of men like you.”

JL: There are no men like me. There’s only me.”

No character has been transformed as much as Jamie Lannister throughout the run of this series. Literally in the very first episode of the show we see him as fornicating, incestuous, arrogant, not to mention he tried to murder a small boy by pushing him out a tower window. He was definitely painted as the worst kind of villain, but over time he has been humbled by his capture and travels throughout the kingdom and has somehow managed to become somewhat redeemed in viewers’ eyes. In season one, full of himself and feeling like no one can touch him, speaking the line sums up his character perfectly. However, as we see him transform into a person who finally is able to stand up to his power hungry, lunatic of a sister and join the others in the fight against the white walkers, there truly are no men like him. Mostly because any person that challenges Cersei’s authority doesn’t usually keep their head.

4. Mhysa- Season 3, Episode 10

Tywin Lannister (Charles Dance) attempting to counsel his young, vile grandson of a king, Joffrey Baratheon (Jack Gleeson), imparts this gem.

TL: Any man who must say ‘I am the King’ is no true king. I’ll make sure you understand that when I’ve won your war for you.”

JB: “My father won the real war! He killed Prince Rhaegar! He took the crown, while you hid under Casterly Rock!”

Some form or another of this line has appeared multiple times throughout the seven seasons, with every person stating it meeting an untimely demise. It almost certainly now serves as an omen to anyone who gets anywhere near the iron throne and feels as though they need to keep stating the obvious. There were so many attempting to steer the crazed boy, Joffrey, into some kind of a good leader. However, awarding power to the truly perverse only equated to a boy burning ants with a magnifying glass for fun. Unfortunately, they weren’t ants, they were Starks.

3. The Night Lands – Season 2, Episode 2

One personality that still remains a mystery as to which side they are truly on is the bald eunuch, Lord Varys (Conleth Hill). He claims himself as the only true champion of the people of the realm, in this exchange with Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage).

TL: “I don’t like threats.”

LV: “Who threatened you?”

TL: “I’m not Ned Stark, I understand the way this game is played.”

LV:” Ned Stark was a man of honour.”

TL: “And I am not. Threaten me again and I will have you thrown into the sea.”

LV: “You might be disappointed in the results. The storms come and go. The big fish eat the little fish. And I keep on paddling.

And he certainly has kept on paddling. No one on this whole show has the power that Lord Varys has with his ‘little birds’ bringing him the dirt on anyone and everyone to make him the most informed man in the seven kingdoms. What his role will be in the coming episodes is hard to guess, but one thing is for sure, Lord Varys will be there, whispering in the shadows and controlling those who want the power like a puppeteer holding all the strings.

2. Beyond the Wall – Season 7, Episode 6

Viewers have watched Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) begin as a small girl and grow into a teenage assassin. She certainly has had some great moments throughout the show, mostly as a tomboy bucking the mostly misogynistic society she has been born into and not caring one bit about becoming a Lady. Once she is reunited with her sister, Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner), at Winterfell, she shares this touching story about their father, Ned Stark (Sean Bean).

AS: “There was one arrow in the target. There was no one around, just like now. No one to stop me. So, I started shooting. And every shot, I had to go up there and get my one arrow and walk back and shoot it again. I wasn’t very good. Finally, I hit the bull’s-eye. Could have been the 20th shot or the 50th. I don’t remember. But I hit the bull’s-eye, and I heard this(clapping) I looked up, and he’s standing right here, smiling down at me. I knew what I was doing was against the rules. But he was smiling, so I knew it wasn’t wrong. The rules were wrong. I was doing what I was meant to be doing, and he knew it.”

Thank goodness the rules are wrong for Arya since she stands to play a pivotal role in the episodes to come.

1. Hardhome- Season 5, Episode 8

And finally, the one coming from across the Narrow Sea to reclaim her place on the iron throne is Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke). The mother of dragons has started with nothing and now has advisors, armies and two deadly dragons. While she has made many mistakes along the way, in most opinions, she seems the most likely to end up making it all the way to King’s Landing and ruling the seven kingdoms. Tyrion is now her hand and a trusted advisor, and this dialogue occurs while she articulates what her intentions are once she vanquishes all in her way.

DT: “Lannister, Targaryen, Baratheon, Stark, Tyrell, they’re all just spokes on a wheel. This one’s on top, then that one’s on top, and on and on it spins, crushing those on the ground.”

TL: “It’s a beautiful dream: stopping the wheel. You’re not the first person who’s ever dreamed it…”

DT: I’m not going to stop the wheel… I’m going to break the wheel!”

Will she make it to Westeros and finally break the wheel? Whether she does or not, fans of Game of Thrones will have another few weeks to wait and see what happens to her and all involved. One thing is certain, there will be plenty more captivating dialogue spoken before the series ends for good.

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