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Game of Thrones – Top 5 Possible Endings

This is it. The time has come. There is no more waiting. All questions will (hopefully!) be answered. While there are many storylines that need to be wrapped up, the most important answer most viewers are anxiously awaiting is who will be the final person, or persons, or dragons, or undead creature that will end up on the iron throne?

We’ve searched fan groups and message boards to find the top five fan theories on how this epic series will end.

Theory #5 – Everyone dies!

Yes, the Night King wins and wipes out all of humanity south of the wall and converts every living person to a white walker. The Night King will sit on the iron throne with his undead army and Westeros will become a huge metropolis of undead people.

While it would be interesting to watch each episode and see all the remaining characters picked off one by one, this is the least likely conclusion to the series. And though George R. R. Martin’s previous writings might leave things on the darker, more ambiguous side, Hollywood would not allow such an ending to occur.

Theory #4 – Everyone from camp Jon Snow & Daenerys Targaryen die

…except for Tyrion, who is revealed to have Targaryen blood through an affair his mother had with the Mad King. He ends up riding the dragons all the way to King’s landing, taking over the city for himself. Since he is a Targaryen, he now has a rightful claim to the throne and with two dragons at his disposal no one challenges him. In a neat twist, Cersei dies in childbirth giving birth to another child conceived with her twin brother Jamie and it’s a dwarf, just like Tyrion. He will raise the child as his own and Westeros will be ruled by tiny men who drink and know things for eternity.

Theory #3 – Arya Stark

…and her faceless ‘hit list’ that she has been carrying around since she was a prisoner of the Brotherhood Without Banners wins a seat on the throne. Every night she goes to bed reciting all the people who have wronged her and her family. Arya and her suitcase filled with dead faces, keep on the road and slowly make her way to King’s Landing and wipe out everyone from her list. In a stunning twist the Hound and Arya somehow end up together (what?) and rule the seven kingdoms and live happily ever after trading witty quips back and forth.

Theory #2 – Gendry Baratheon

…finally realises his heritage and with the backing of the Red Witch take the iron throne as the rightful royal heir. There is no mistake that Gendry has been intertwined throughout the story and hopefully been kept alive for a purpose. Whether it is to play a role as important as ruling the seven kingdoms remains to be seen, since this show has a multitude of people claiming to be the rightful heirs all racing towards the iron throne to sit on it. Most speculation also has him finally reuniting with Arya and they marry with the caveat that he allows her to be more knight than lady, especially since they already have a friendly relationship from their time spent together.

While this theory seems like a pretty plausible one, if Hot Pie doesn’t cater the wedding, there will be riots!

Theory #1 – Jon and Dani

The most talked about theory of who ends up on the iron throne is the aunt/nephew combo of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. Those two, with the help of Tyrion, Varys, the Unsullied, the Wildlings and the Dothraki, dispatch the Night King, then make their way down to King’s Landing to deal with the Lannisters. Whether they both survive, their child definitely does and the Targaryens keep their line ruling the Seven Kingdoms. With this theory, Arya and Sansa would be left to rule the north together, and the Wildlings would finally be assimilated into the lands south of the wall and everyone would live in peace for eternity (or at least until there is a reboot).

This theory seems the most likely but right now no one knows for sure! David Benioff and D. B. Weiss have now begun the eight episode wrap up of GRRM’s masterpiece and the world will soon finally know the question that everyone wants to know: Who will win the game of thrones?

Got a theory you want to share? Tell us about it in the comments.

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