Goosebumps: Horrors of the Witch House #2 – Review

The mystery of Witch House and the frightening things that lie within continue in the second issue of Goosebumps: Horrors of Witch House.

Following the events of the first issue our three young heroes, Rosie, Becca, and Carlos, struggle to make sense of what they saw inside the old Whaley House. However, it’s easier said than done when Carlos is reluctant to even believe that they saw anything unnatural, but also Becca and Carlos don’t want to be seen with a ‘geek’ like Rosie. Thankfully, the villain has ways of drawing the three of them back together. Revealing to Rosie that she knows the kids were spying on her, Veruca uses her magical abilities to bring their personal possessions to life to attack them.

Carlos is attacked by a toy monkey, Sock Monkey, that was made for him by his grandmother. It’s surprisingly scary when the cute little monkey toy suddenly starts hissing at him and trying to bite him with fangs, yet also adds a new layer to Carlos’ character to see the macho jock type character fussing over the plush toy made for him by his gran.

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Becca, ever the sporty girl, finds that her sports trophies come to life, their tiny plastic forms charging her in her home, throwing tiny discuses and basketballs. This has to be my favourite scene in the issue, as it’s just slightly ridiculous and hits the right level of silly. Rosie also falls foul of the evil spell, with her favourite anime character coming out of her laptop to attack her with a huge sword. Whilst each of the kids are able to defeat their individual threats, thanks to some creative thinking on Rosie and Carlos’ part, and some extreme destruction from Becca, they come across a much more frightening enemy, a giant gargoyle.

The second issue of Goosebumps: The Horrors of Witch House really ups the ante as far as the threat of Veruca Curry goes, and puts the three heroes in some very real danger. It’s also nice to see some more personality added to each of the teens, especially Carlos.

The story only has one issue left, and it’ll be interesting to see how the three of them find a way to defeat such a powerful enemy, as it seems that they are quite out of their depth. However it plays out, Denton J. Tipton and Matthew Dow Smith have managed to craft an interesting and engaging story, one that is able to balance the horror, humour, and characterisation that make Goosebumps an all time classic childrens’ series.

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