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FrightFest 2019 Diaries – Day Four

Things are getting out of hand, man. With the compulsion to watch everything out of the window and nipping to the pub for lunch becoming more of a thing, we are solidly at a point where my body will soon start screaming at me.

Sunday brought a much better selection than the previous day. Even the beats that didn’t hit landed better than most of Saturday’s. I’m not saying Saturday was bad, but Sunday was better.

The Furies – English Premiere 

A brilliant stalker/slasher film starts the day today.

Six women who wake up in a woods after being kidnapped find they are being stalked by six masked killers. With each killer assigned a target, the women must do whatever they can to survive.

Similar to Haunt the other day, The Furies does most things by the numbers and adds a little something fresh for audiences. With some of the best, most brutal, kills of the festival so far, this will be one to hunt out next month for  everyone to see. Much more concise thoughts, that I agree with, over here.

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Eat, Brains, Love – World Premiere

In the main screen from here on in. Starting with a zombie romcom.

A zombie romantic comedy? I wasn’t sure about this. On one hand, the Warm Bodies-esque comedy had some fun ideas and some cool gory moments. But on the other hand, some of the character choices were beyond infuriating and some post-production audio problems pulled my attention from the film badly enough for me to notice.

It’s not bad. Not by a long shot. But it needs some… tweaks.

Daniel Isn’t Real – UK Premiere 

I went in to this knowing absolutely nothing. Sometimes, that’s the best way.

A splendid take on schizophrenia based horror, Daniel Isn’t Real takes most of those ideas you think you know about split personality scares and does something wholly new with it. The film doesn’t come with many scares, but its visuals – which hit Mandy levels in some places – and the amazing score elevate it to one of the best films that only a few will know about.

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Ready or Not – UK Premiere 

Originally, I was going to go and watch Darlin’ in this spot. As much as I’m sad I still haven’t seen it, I was tremendously happy to have been dragged to the main screen for this one instead.

The always entertaining Samara Weaving fights for her life when her new in-laws decide they have to kill her on her wedding night. A brilliantly bananas premise leads into a laugh-a-minute movie that will please audiences everywhere. It played perfectly in the main screen tonight, with its gore, its violence and its comedy. Cheers and applause erupted at every turn, you’ve never seen a cinema of people so happy to see a kid get punched in the face!

That was the high we ended on. It’s Sunday night and that means karaoke and a late night for us. Which means that Monday, my most anticipated day of the festival, is going to be rough!

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