Marvel Action: Avengers #7 – Review

Marvel Action: Avengers issue seven gives readers a peek behind the curtain as we discover who has been pulling the strings behind everything that has happened in the last six issues, and gives us terrifying hints at what is yet to come.

There are two main storylines in this issue, which appear separate at the moment, but I’m sure will come together in the next issue. We return, once again, to A.I.M., the Advanced Idea Mechanics, who were responsible for brainwashing Iron Man in the first story-arc of the series. We learn that not only were they behind that attack on the Avengers, but were responsible for the recent troubles with Count Nefaria too.

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Thanks to their leader Modok, we learn that both of these events were A.I.M. trying to prepare a defence of the planet, trying to secure supplies and possible soldiers. However, as they were unsuccessful, they’re leaving the planet behind. The threat that they were worried about is clearly made out to be extraterrestrial in origin, but we know little else about it at this point. However, the fact that A.I.M. is willing to flee earth in order to avoid this invasion, it’s sure to be a threat that is going to push the heroes to their limits.

Thankfully, it would appear that Madame Masque and the U-Foes are prepared to break their alliance with A.I.M. rather than flee the planet, and it looks like Matthew Manning is setting up something of a team-up between them and the Avengers in order to face this coming invasion.

The Avengers, however, are experiencing a slight issue themselves. During the course of the book Black Panther has to face off against a villain named Killer Shrike, who appears to be suffering from some kind of paranoia or psychosis. This appears to be far from an isolated incident, as we later see Black Panther and Captain America talk about another villain, Whirlwind, who was experiencing something similar. It appears, however, that it’s not just the villains who are being affected, but the heroes too, as Black Panther experiences visions of his deceased father.

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It’s not completely clear what threat the Avengers are going to be facing in this invasion, despite the small glimpse of the creature Captain America has, but the way that A.I.M. is reacting to their coming, and the way that they’re affecting powered individuals is all setting the stage for something that feels a little special.

The series has been clearly building to this storyline, and it’s nice to see that the past adventures have been a part of a bigger whole, rather than isolated incidents. Hopefully the next few issues will prove to live up to the hype that’s being built up, and deliver on the epic invasion that we’ve been promised.

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