Marvel Action: Avengers #8 – Review

We finally discover what the Fear Eaters are after months of build-up, but just what is it that they’re after, and why are they manipulating Black Panther?

It seems like every issue up till now has been building towards the reveals that we get here. AIM and the U-Foes, Count Nefaria and the Ruby Egress, they’ve all been part of the bad guys’ plans to prepare for the coming invasion of the Fear Eaters; and now the Avengers finally know about the bigger threat to the Earth.

The issue picks up where the previous one left off, with Captain America face to face with one of the mysterious aliens, and Black Panther apparently fallen victim to their mental manipulation, seeing his deceased father. The U-Foes and Madam Masque walk into this situation, and as per comic book rules they end up fighting the heroes despite being there to help them.

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Once the misunderstanding has been sorted out and the fight comes to a close the U-Foes are able to fill in the Avengers, and the readers, about the origins of the Fear Eaters, and their apparent only weakness, Vibranium. The revelation comes as a surprise, as despite the fact that Captain America was able to beat a Fear Eater in combat it’s not obvious that this was because of what his shield was made from; and it explains why the creatures have targeted Black Panther.

It’s still not clear why they’ve made T’Challa their focus. Surely taking him out of the equation would be a better way of preventing him from equipping the Avengers with Vibranium? This does make me think that perhaps there’s more going on than is at first clear, and that perhaps T’Challa isn’t being manipulated by the Fear Eaters. The fact that the issue ends with T’Challa appearing to make some kind of Iron-Man/Black Panther armour makes me think that he might be preparing for the oncoming invasion rather than being used by the aliens. Whatever is happening, it’s sure to cause some twists and turns in the next issue.

The information we’re given in this issue helps to clear up what’s been going on since the title’s launch, and certainly raises the stakes somewhat without giving away too much of what is to come. So far the series has wrapped up each chapter of the story within three issues, and whilst this story might come to a close next issue it could conceivably go on for longer. Whatever path Matthew K. Manning chooses to take the story, I’m sure it’s going to be good.

Marvel Action: Avengers #8 from IDW Publishing is available from your preferred comics outlet.

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