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Welcome to Night Vale – 12 Days of Podmas

It was so popular last year that we decided to do it again! Join us this holiday season as we introduce you to twelve of our favourite podcasts in the 12 Days of Podmas!

There’s a whisper in the desert wind. Can you hear it? If you listen close, you might just make out a warning, carried across the sand from parts unknown. Do not go into the dog park.

Welcome to Night Vale.

Since 2012, Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor’s warmly odd podcast has reported on the strange events taking place within, around, beneath and far away from the fictional Midwestern desert town of Night Vale. It’s presented as a radio show hosted by the velvet baritone of Cecil Palmer (Cecil Baldwin) and a host of secondary characters (peppered with famous names including Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton and Jasika Nicole, all held together by the ambient music of Disparition and weekly guest musician spots as ‘the Weather’.

Best described as Tim Burton producing for RKO Radio, Night Vale has fended off inter-dimensional threats year after year, survived invasions, hostile takeovers, malevolent demonic entities and built an adoring fanbase for its generationally-accessible themes of love, acceptance and embracing your inner weirdness.

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The Night Vale Presents podcast network has expanded to include several more fiction and non-fiction serials, while three original novels spun out of the podcast’s central narrative have been written to date.

The podcast has toured a live show since its first year, taking the form of an old-school radio play and packing out theatres around the world. Its 2020 tour goes on sale soon, bringing mysterious lights in the sky to a town near you.

Night Vale is also on its way to television, with Breaking Bad producer Gennifer Hutchinson currently developing a series for FX, with Fink and Cranor attached to ensure the town’s trademark friendly macabre tone remains true.

Rich, detailed long-form narratives, built around strong, consistent characterisation and increasingly confident production values make Night Vale a podcast well worth discovering.


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