Marvel Action: Spider-Man #12 – Review

Marvel Action: Spider-Man #12 sees the three spider-heroes fighting alongside Venom one last time as they tangle with the evil Doctor Octopus.

Using the information gathered from the secret lab in the previous issue, Peter, Gwen, and Miles journey to an apparently abandoned building where Doc Ock is supposed to be meeting his mysterious boss, taking Venom along for some added muscle. Unfortunately, Venom proves to be something of a lose cannon, and his breaking into the lab unleashes a horde of murderous robots that swarm the group.

The team are able to beat these ‘Octo-bots’, but when the now costumed Doctor Octopus arrives to fight them with a second wave of robots things become even more dangerous for our heroes. When Venom goes too far, and tries to eat Doctor Octopus, Miles is forced to step in and knock the anti-hero out with his new Venom Blast powers. With Venom under control again, and Doctor Octopus captured, the team are able to find Eddie Brock’s missing phone and laptop, and escape before Doc Ock’s backup arrives.

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After their run in with the metal armed villain the heroes are hanging out together on a rooftop when Iron Man arrives, giving the three of them the chance to finally talk to him about what it takes to be a hero; something that they’ve all been working towards since the start of the series.

I have to be honest, the end of this Venom arc feels a little bit lacking compared to some of the other stories, possibly because the team ended up fighting Doctor Octopus once again in a secret lab. In a lot of ways the issue is very similar to the previous one, however, the development with the lead characters manages to stop it feeling like a dull retread.

The three spider-heroes have been trying to find a way to meet Iron-Man since the very first issue, and their places in the Daily Bugle internship have all been a part of this journey. Despite the three of them working together to produce some amazing articles, mostly covering the adventures of their alter-egos, none of them manage to win the competition to interview Tony Stark. Luckily, Stark isn’t just sitting in the background doing nothing, but actively went out of his way to bring the three of them together into a team so that they can help each other.

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This conclusion to their journey feels like the perfect end to the the first year of Marvel Action: Spider-Man, as it not only proves that the three of them have gone on to become great heroes in their own rights, but have grown as people as well.

Thankfully, whilst this issue marks the end of both the Venom arc and the first year of the series, the story is far from over, as the heroes once again discover hints of a mysterious ‘Kingpin’ that’s been behind everything that they’ve gone up against so far. Fingers crossed they’ll begin to learn more about this mysterious figure, and possibly even learn more about Miles’ new powers, in the next issue.

Marvel Action Spider-Man #12 is out now from IDW Publishing.

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