Transformers: Galaxies #4 – Review

And so the first arc of Transformers: Galaxies draws to a close in an orgy of violence, death and destruction.

A decision has been made. No longer content with their exile, the Constructicons have had enough. Enough of always being hungry, enough of being afraid of themselves, enough of the “honour” of never being allowed to return to Cybertron. It’s time to tear it all down. But where will they get the energon to fuel themselves, to allow this all to happen? Oh, well that’s going to be supplied by the oh-so-friendly Insecticons, who have their own ways of collecting energon that would, frankly, not be out of place in an Eli Roth movie.

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What happens once they unite? Seven pages of brutality that were most definitely worth the build up as the Constructicons lay waste to everything they’d built and cut a swathe of, well, devastation across the face of the moon as Devastator more than lives up to his name. Meanwhile the Insecticons scurry along in his wake, making sure that not a scrap goes to waste. I swear every iteration of the Insecticons makes them just that bit creepier, from their humble beginnings as lackeys of Lord Straxus to rampaging mindless monstrous horde to FULL-ON ROBOT CANNIBAL SADISTS.

It also transpires that this was, in fact, not just a way to deal a blow to the Autobots but a way to collect the energon that Megatron will need to fuel his assault on Cybertron. There’s certainly a sort of horrid efficiency to it, that can’t be argued. There’s also a brief introduction to some other familiar faces in the shape of the Combaticons, who are another combiner team in the former continuity so it will be interesting to see what happens with them and if this “Enigma” shows up in the main storyline.

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This series has been an interesting look into one of the most well-known combiner teams in the Transformers lore. The Constructicons first showed up in comic form back in 1985 and have been a series mainstay ever since, appearing in over a dozen different continuities with nearly as many different versions of toys, but rarely has the opportunity been taken to dig into them in this way, looking at the dynamics of the team, their differing personalities and just what it’s like when they combine to form Devastator.

The next arc will be taking a look at that other diminutive horned robot we all know and love. No, not Bumblebee. It’s time for Cliffjumper to shine. Given what they did with him in the previous run (see 2009’s Spotlight: Cliffjumper for a perfect example) it’ll be interesting to see how he’s presented in this new continuity, which is presumably set before he became the ultimate badass.

So for now, we say goodbye to the Constructicons, but I’m sure this won’t be the last time we see them.

Transformers: Galaxies #4 is out now from IDW Publishing.

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