Sonic the Hedgehog #27 – Review

Ahh yes, Sonic The Hedgehog dipping back to a structure it only really delved into a few months before, in showing events happening at the same time, as members of the growing ensemble that haven’t been zombotified get ready to launch simultaneous assaults on each member of the Deadly Six. 

We focus on two of these during this issue, with Amy and Tails taking on Zomon whilst Cream and Gemerl take on Zeena. Showing two very different short stories, it once again allows some characters that often get sidelined a chance to be in the spotlight. 

This constant flipping between balancing plot and character development feels like a double-edged sword at times. It’s something that feels like it’s always commented on, and has its own good and bad points.

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The Amy/Tails story doesn’t really add to the characters or have much depth. Amy and Tails outsmart Zomon (which admittedly is very easy) and succeed. There’s not really more to the story or much added to our understanding of Amy and Tails as characters. It’s all quite predictable. Amy and Tails are the smarter characters and putting them against the slow dumb strong character was very much going to play out the way it does.

The Cream/Gemerl story has more to it though, with Zeena taking control over Gemerl and setting him on Cream. These are two characters that don’t have much exploration aside from the odd few moments, and all we know is that Gemerl has programming to take care of Cream. The humanity (can it be described as humanity in the Sonic-Verse?) of AI is a well-explored trope in fiction as well as the relationship between them and humans. Here we see Gemerl’s relationship with Cream and him overcoming the control to protect her. Even choosing to stay with her after she gets infected. 

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There’s a strong difference between the two stories, with Cream/Gemerl’s story feeling like it explores more than the Amy/Tails story. There’s a blaring contrast and it doesn’t really work. It feels like it’s treading water again.

But as issue #30 is on the way, it might be that they’re building up to Sonic’s transformation into Super Sonic for that milestone. So maybe now, finally, we’re building up to new storylines.

Sonic the Hedgehog #27 is out now from IDW Publishing.

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