Transformers: Galaxies #6 – Review

Transformers Galaxies #6 or “A Funny Thing Happened On My Way to the Forging” reveals that Cliffjumper, well, he’s kind of a mistake. Somehow when Bumblebee got forged, so did he.  Presumably that’s because with both of them being half the size of a regular Autobot you got two for the price of one?  The problem is that nobody was expecting that and rather than being welcomed with fanfare and approbation, his appearance was greeted with confusion and finger pointing. Not the best start.

Cut back to present events and oh dear. Cliffjumper, did you never learn that snitches get stitches? When he threatens to expose Deathsaurus to the Council, the consequences are, well… The dude is called DEATHSAURUS. He’s not really a “let’s sit down and discuss our differences” sort of bot. Instead he frames Cliffjumper for the murder in the previous issue and then leaves him to deal with a rampaging horde of locals out for his blood, er, energon. Fuel? Hydraulic fluid? Whatever he has, they want.

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When it ALSO turns out that he’s inadvertently picked up a hitchhiker in the form of one of the young aliens, well then he’s not just a murderer, he’s out for their kids as well. Poor Clogjumper, I mean Clodhopper, I mean Cliffjumper. Bot can’t catch a break. We learn a bit more about the aliens and their relationship with the Autobots, Cliffjumper’s eyes are opened to just what happens out in these colony worlds, far from anything approaching a security force and, well, we finally see just a little of the badass we know he will eventually grow to be. I won’t spoil it, but yeah.

Good job, Clickbaiter. Clipspanner? Good job… you.

This is a fun issue, mixing up the action with plenty of snappy one-liners and a great deal of fun at poor Cliffjumper’s expense. Deathsaurus gets to do what you would expect from someone called DEATHSAURUS, the alien child Cliffjumper briefly picks up is adorably snarky and by the end of the issue you get the impression that everybody’s other favourite little horned bot is more at peace with himself and his situation.

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Issue #7 will pick up the story of Gauge and the Reversionist ship that we saw in the mainline Transformers #18, picking up after she, Arcee and Greenlight fled the troubles on Cybertron. It’ll be interesting to see where they go with Gauge and what sort of character she’ll develop into… assuming she survives long enough. So far being new forged only seems to offer a 50-50 chance of survival!

In conclusion, a nice little look back at the origins of Cliffjumper which has left me really wanting a toy of Deathsaurus. He’s like some sort of awesome fire-breathing, homicidal robot wyvern/gryphon, looks a bit Zoid-esque, in fact. Make it happen, Hasbro! Pretty please?

Transformers: Galaxies #6 is out now from IDW Publishing.

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