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Artemis Fowl – Review

The latest book to be turned into a highly anticipated and hopefully blockbuster movie is Artemis Fowl, released on June 12th on Disney+, due to cinemas still being closed due to Covid-19. Originally penned by Irish author Eoin Colfer, this young children’s book, and now movie, takes viewers on a fantastic journey through Irish folklore filled with fairies, goblins, trolls and much more. 

Artemis Fowl contains all the elements for being a great film. It has the proper balance of big blockbuster names – Colin Farrell as Artemis Fowl Sr., Judi Dench as Commander Root, and Josh Gad (the beloved voice of Frozen‘s Olaf) as the narrator and hilarious character Mulch Diggums – and is sprinkled with just the right amount of up and comers – Ferdia Shaw as Artemis Fowl, Lara McDonnell as Holly, and Tamara Smart as Juliet, as well as plenty of CGI graphics to transform this beloved book into a big screen feature. 

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The movie downplays the criminal aspect of the two main Artemis characters and instead focuses on the disappearance of young Artemis’ father, and the quest to find him which takes him on a journey to a secret underground world where magical creatures exist. His father conveniently leaves just enough clues for the young boy to locate and eventually collide with the fairy world, and specifically with Holly, who also is searching for her lost father. 

Artemis Fowl – © Disney

The movie will certainly delight young viewers, and those adults who have read the book some 19 years ago when it was first published. The mythical creatures are woven into the story seamlessly and add a rich texture that will completely transport the audience to a land deep beneath ours. The only exception is one awkwardly moving centaur named Foaly, played by Nikesh Patel, which begs the question of why can’t Hollywood CGI get a centaur right? 

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The story itself wraps up nice and cleanly with enough of a window left open for sequels and the like. However, in this time of movies being released straight to home streaming services such as Disney+, one has to wonder how exactly it will be deemed a success and if subsequent movies will still be made after the pandemic is over. Hopefully this one doesn’t get lost in the Covid-19 wake, and fans will get their sequel, eventually.

One thing for sure is that Artemis Fowl will entertain both young and old, and have viewers peeking in gardens and forests for headstrong adorable fairies that can fly, stop time and heal wounds with their special magic. 

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