Transformers: Galaxies #8 – Comic Review

We return you now to our story in progress as we take a look at Transformers: Galaxies #8 and the second part of ‘Gauging the Truth’…

Gauge has followed the mysterious signal and found her way down through the Reversionist ship, discovering her mentors Arcee and Greenlight locked up. Just one little problem: she doesn’t know who they are or why she should trust them. One handy memory-dump later and both Gauge and the reader are brought up to speed. It seems that the Reversionists weren’t pleased to find non-believers on their ship and they locked up the two older ones while doing bad, bad things to poor newly-forged and still pliable Gauge.

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Gauge now has to decide who she wants to trust – the bots around her on the ship, a ship where she seems out of place and ill at ease, or the bots trapped behind bars who claim to be her friends and mentors? While she tries to make her mind up about which, if either, side is telling her the truth, the leader of the Reversionists, Plenary Heretech, announces his grand plan to raise his followers to greatness which apparently involves finding a planet of their own – one pure and devoid of all these other heretical factions.

Just one problem. The planet he has in mind isn’t pure, or empty. The issue ends on a cliffhanger with our heroes staring in horror as the Reversionist ship orbits over… well, you’ll need to read the comic to find out for yourself. Don’t want to spoil the story after all. So, there’s plenty of action here to entertain folks, along with some decent tension as Gauge sneaks about the ship to try and learn more about what the Plenary has planned, topped off with the last minute reveal that Heretech has some pretty big ideas about his place in the universe! That’s all good stuff, but there’s one thing in this plot that really don’t make sense to me.

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In issue #18 of the main series, Greenlight and Arcee discuss leaving on the Reversionist ship, not only that Greenlight specifically states that she’d asked about going aboard as passengers, cargo, whatever. When they finally do make it to the ship they’re seemingly welcomed onboard… so why suddenly flip that about and have them jumped and thrown into confinement? If they were concerned about their plan being discovered, why not just say “No space on the ship, bugger off” instead of taking the risks of allowing three non-believers on board? Or was this the plan all along, to get access to Gauge? If so, then why does Plenary Heretech seem to detest Gauge so much? It just doesn’t sit quite right. Still, hopefully everything will be explained before this arc is wrapped up.

While not quite as strong a storyline as the Cliffjumper arc that preceded it, this particular Galaxies sidestory is still a decent read. It’ll be interesting to see how the Reversionists intend to make a planet just for themselves, and what three rogue elements on board their ship might be able to do to stop them.

Transformers: Galaxies #8 is out now from IDW Publishing.

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