Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Too Long A Sacrifice #2 – Comic Review

The plot thickens, and more bodies fall, putting Odo to the test, in the second entry in the new Star Trek: Deep Space Nine comic series.

Following the explosive events of the first issue, Odo, with the aid of Commander Worf, starts to dig for answers as to who was behind the station bombing. As was somewhat expected, Quark is something of a red herring, and is quickly eliminated from the investigation; but if Odo was investigating anything and didn’t consider Quark a culprit it just wouldn’t be right.

Instead, the investigators try to find out how the deadly weapons made their way onto a secure station in the middle of a war. This leads to Odo and Worf getting to break up illegal card games, crash shady deals, and grab some smugglers. It’s a fun little montage of the two security officers taking down criminals, and Odo even gets a moment to make the reader laugh out loud.

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Despite best investigations the two of them don’t find any answers. However, things get even more complicated when they discover that a Bajoran victim had ties to the Cardassians during the occupation, and a Ferengi delegation vital to the war effort are killed with poison. Due to the escalating nature of the attacks a new investigator is sent to the station, a Betazoid from Federation Security called Retlaw.

This issue adds extra wrinkles to the investigation, and manages to increase the stakes thanks to the attack on the Ferengi, but we don’t get any closer to finding out who might be behind it all; as such, it does feel a like the story’s treading water a little. Luckily, there are enough interesting titbits of information and nice character moments for it to still be entertaining throughout.

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We only meet Retlaw at the very end of the issue, so it’s not clear the kind of person he’s going to be, or how he’s going to get along with Odo, though perhaps there are some clues. He seems to lean into being a Betazoid, and uses his psychic abilities extensively in this first scene, reading people’s thoughts and answering questions before they’re even asked. Odo, however, has no real mind to read (something that fans knew from episodes of the series featuring Majel Barrett’s Lwaxana Troi). It’s a tiny fact, but one that shows just how well versed with the source material Scott and David Tipton must be.

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how Odo and Retlaw will interact in coming issues, and anticipate an interesting relationship forming between the two of them. I’m also anxious to see how the mystery plays out. At the moment it seems like it could lead in a number of directions, and I’m very interested to discover if this is some big plan from the Dominion, or perhaps a smaller, more personal vendetta.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Too Long A Sacrifice #2 is out now from IDW Publishing.

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