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The Horror Crowd – FrightFest Digital Edition

The Horror Crowd is a brand new documentary for any fans of horror movies and any aspiring horror creators. Directed and hosted by Ruben Pla, the film talks to a number of big names in the industry, including Lin Shaye, Oren Peri, Greg Grunberg, Russell Mulcahy, Clare Krammer, and Adam Robitel to name just a few.

The film has a very relaxed tone; really it’s a load of friends hanging out together, talking about their love for horror and the film industry. It’s clear very early on that these people all know each other, and that the title isn’t just something thrown together for the film, but a name that really applies to these people. Many of their stories end up turning into anecdotes that involve other big names, stories about parties they’ve been to, or how they’d attend trivia nights at a small LA cafe that all the horror folks hung out at.

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This relaxed feel makes the film really accessible, and it’s like you’re being brought into this circle of friends and being included in their world. The conversations never feel staged or stale, and there are more smiles and laughter than you’d first expect. It’s informative, and you learn a lot, but you never feel like you’re in a lecture or being given a lesson.

The Horror Crowd takes a look at the genre as a whole, delving back through time to its early days and how it played an influence on these creators. It’s great to see them talking about watching  classic horror films like Night of the Living DeadHalloween, and The Exorcist when they were children, and how it gave them a love of the genre – not only because it reassures me that perhaps myself watching such films before I’d reached double digits wasn’t so unusual, but also because it reminds people that horror can be a positive thing, that it can be a great thing for children.

The film also talks about how these creators got into the world of horror, and it’s a really informative thing for anyone wanting to do the same, or to be creative in any kind of way. It’s highlighted just how hard it can be to be successful as a creator, how you have to put up with rejection time and time again. These people are the ones who didn’t take this rejection to heart, though, who kept trying and didn’t give up on their dreams. You can see this level of passion and determination in how they talk about the genre, in their friendships with other creators, and how excited they get for future projects.

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The Horror Crowd is a great look at a small group of creatives, of people both in front of and behind the cameras, who help each other out and support each other so that they can live their dreams and create to inspire future generations. The film will make you look at the horror industry in a new light, will make you remember how much you enjoy some of these films, how horror can work with so many other genres and can appeal to everyone. A brilliantly fun and engaging film that will leave you wanting to sit down and watch a load of great horror films.

The Horror Crowd received its world premiere on 29th August at FrightFest Digital Edition 2020 and is out on Digital release on 2nd September 2022, with pre-orders available on iTunes and AppleTV.

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