Marvel Action: Avengers #12 – Comic Review

The final issue of the current story arc of Marvel Action: Avengers comes to an end, and it feels like the end of the entire run in a conclusion that tries to tie everything together. Readers return to the nightmare world where Captain America has been trapped fighting the forces of A.I.M. and the corrupted versions of his Avengers compatriots, whilst his real friends are struggling to find a way to wake him in the real world. Having assembled the last few un-corrupted heroes, Cap leads them on a mission against A.I.M., one that he hopes will also lead him to a way escape from this awful world.

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I won’t talk too much about the conclusion of this issue, but it brings in ideas and plot points from all the issues of the series so far, trying to make it all feel like one connected story, and this works for the most part, but it still doesn’t feel like one huge, cohesive whole.

This might be because we finally get our answers to what’s happening, and a conclusion to the problems, all in pretty quick succession, and don’t really have any time to sit with these revelations before they’re put to bed. I can’t help but feel that if some of these answers were given in the previous issue, and Cap and the audience were given time to dwell on these revelations before heading to the final confrontation it would have had more weight to it.

As it is, the story feels like it ends pretty quickly and unexpectedly, with a conclusion that I think only just works. The logic behind it makes sense, but it doesn’t completely satisfy, and there was no sign beforehand that Cap even had a plan that fit these specific circumstances. Okay, perhaps he had to make up the plan on the spot, and it was his quick thinking that saved the day, but that just makes the bad guy seem even worse, as Cap was able to ruin his plot within a few seconds of hearing it.

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I’ve enjoyed a lot of this series so far, but found this conclusion to be one of the weaker issues of the series, and as such it kind of left a bit of a bum note for the whole thing to end on. Instead of remembering the good parts of the series I suspect I’ll be remembering the less than perfect end, and if there are no more issues to come after this that feeling will be even worse.

I hope that the series does similar to Marvel Action Spider-Man, and will continue on, even if that’s with a new issue one, so that we can get some more stories in this universe, and can hopefully move past this final issue.

Marvel Action: Avengers #12 is out now from IDW Publishing.

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