As Everything Unfolds – Within Each Lies The Other – Album Review

After previously delivering two solid  EPs, High Wycombe sextet As Everything Unfolds have now expanded on and unleashed their own brand of post-hardcore with debut album Within Each Lies The Other. This builds on the potential of their earlier releases, and gives the listener something quite exciting and captivating, showing very promising signs for a young band on their first album release, having signed with label Long Branch Records.

Opener ‘On The Inside’ sets the stall out perfectly, with its building intro that explodes into life with a brilliant mix of heavy and infectious, before vocalist Charlie Rolfe comes in and takes things to the next level with an impressive range that can attack one minute and become vulnerable the next, while adding skyscraper choruses into the mix. ‘On The Inside’ isn’t just the perfect album opener but also the perfect introduction to anyone who hasn’t heard As Everything Unfolds before, so it’s no wonder that the band chose the song as a single with a cool accompanying video to boot.

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The rest of Within Each Lies The Other follows suit, with big, sometimes scathing hardcore riffs combining with moments of introspection, and big anthemic vocals and choruses along with swathes of synth and programming adding to the overall sound. The band have been together since 2013, and this seems to have brought them closer together as a unit, personally and professionally. Perhaps in other hands As Everything Unfolds’ many influences might clash and create something of a mess, but it is clear here that they have worked hard to bring their influences together in order to create their own sound as much as possible. And if Within Each Lies The Other is anything to go by, all the band’s hard work is paying off.

As for bands that have influenced or are similar to As Everything Unfolds, it’s not that easy or completely obvious to nail down, but it’s the clash of various styles and influences that make the band work and make them what they are. If you are a fan of the likes of Spiritbox, Deftones, Architects, Bring Me The Horizon or even Brand New Eyes-era Paramore, you may find something to enjoy on Within Each Lies The Other.

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It is genuinely quite difficult to pick out a favourite or standout song or two from Within Each Lies The Other but ‘Take Me There’, ‘I’m Not The Only One’, ‘Wallow’, ‘Stay’ and ‘Hiding From Myself’ (another single/video release) showcase As Everything Unfolds’ ability to mix heavy, catchy and shout/sing-along anthems, verses and choruses to great effect. And as the big, reflective album closer ‘Wither’ comes to an end you realise that you may have just listened to one of Britain’s most exciting and promising young rock/metal bands.

Within Each Lies The Other is out now from Long Branch Records.

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