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Dying Light 2 – Promo Box

The first Dying Light game came out in 2015, developed by Techland and published by Warner Bros. It followed the story of Kyle Crane, who is sent to infiltrate a zombie infested middle-eastern city and retrieve a file containing sensitive data. Everything goes south in fairly short order and Kyle ends up infected with the zombie virus.

How does he deal with his impending transformation into the cranium-crunching undead? PARKOUR. You ever wanted to run across a wall, vault over a rooftop and dropkick a zombie ten stories to the ground? Then Dying Light was the game for you.

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But that was 2015. Now in 2021, it’s time for something new. It’s time for Dying Light 2! It’s been fifteen years since the events of the first game and mankind is teetering on the edge of calamity. In this new game you will play Aiden Caldwell, another infected survivor, and your actions will change the lives of all those around you. Like all those zombies you’re going to brutally dismember and toss off the roofs of very high buildings.

Coming out on pretty much every gaming platform there is (except the Switch, because Nintendo doesn’t do the whole violence and brain-eating thing) Dying Light 2 is slated for release at some unspecified point this year. As part of the promo push, Techland have sent us an intriguing little package to take a look at.

Contained within this ominous black tube is a poster with some concept art and a hidden message! To see the message they’ve included a cute little UV flashlight (nice little nod to the new gameplay mechanic), a note that helps set the scene for the upcoming announcement (the game is finally getting a release date, we hope) and a little UV reactive sticker.

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The message is a little hard to see in the photos but here is what it says:

And beneath that is:

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For UK based folks, CEST is an hour ahead, so that’s 8PM on the 27th May for what we can only hope is that long awaited release date. The original Dying Light‘s parkour mechanic was a welcome change in a genre of games that was, at the time, oversaturated with same old same old competitors. The initial gameplay reveals and trailers for Dying Light 2 certainly seem to promise even more wall-running, roof-jumping, head-smashing, death-defying acts of bravado and insanity on the part of our new protagonist.

Make sure to tune in on Twitch on the 27th to find out more!

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