Star Wars Adventures: Tales of Villainy #6 – Comic Review

The latest issue of Star Wars Adventures: Tales of Villainy picks up where the last issue left off, with Padme Amidala and Anakin Skywalker trapped in a theatre that’s been taken over by criminals during a swanky party; and any illusion that Katie Cook wasn’t just writing a Star Wars version of Die Hard goes out the window as the first lines of the entire issue are near quoting the movie.

Padme muttering to herself “Come back to Naboo early, Senator, we’ll get together for the festival of light, have some canapes” as she sneaks around the building might be one of the best parts of her story, though I think she should have been doing it whilst wearing a vest and crawling through an air vent just to get the full experience.

The rest of this story sees Padme finally finding Anakin, and the two of them trying to come up with a plan to stop the hostage takers, as the lead criminal tries to convince Tomarian to hand over his stash of Beskar by blowing up key parts of the building. The resolution comes pretty quickly, with Anakin and Padme doing very little to actually stop the villains. A few quick swings of the lightsaber and a few well places blaster shots ends the entire thing without much fanfare.

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The second story in the issue is written by Daniel Jose Older, who writes the Star Wars: High Republic Adventures series, and actually takes readers back to a time just before that series began. We get some key insight into the inner workings of the villainous Nihil, and if anything this issue raises more questions for the main book to answer.

We go on board the Gaze Electric, the huge flagship for the Nihil fleet under the command of The Eye. It appears that the Nihil have a Hyperspace Savant named Mari San Tekka prisoner, who they’re using to predict the emergence of debris from the Great Disaster from hyperspace. Mari San Tekka predicts a debris emerging in the Trymant system, and as such the Nihil change their plans and head to Trymant 4, the planet where we meet our main characters in the very first issue of Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures.

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Whilst the main bulk of this story focuses on a handful of the Nihil racing each other through the expanse of the Gaze Electric in order to board their Spider ship in time to head to Trymant 4 (a ship we see a lot of in the other title), it’s the small pieces of background information that really make the story interesting. We get to see some of the inner workings of the Nihil, and get another allusion to them searching for something specific. I’m interested for this to get expanded upon more in the other title, and to find out more about Mira San Tekka, who I’m assuming has to be related to Lor San Tekka from The Force Awakens in some way.

The first story in this issue was a fairly by-the-book affair, one that never really excited too much, and didn’t really showcase the characters of Anakin or Padme too much. On the other hand, the second story had a lot of interesting elements to it, ones that have made me more intrigued for answers in Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures.

Star Wars Adventures: Tales of Villainy #6 is out now from IDW Publishing.

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