Bunny & The Invalid Singers – Flight of the Certainty Kids – Album Review

If you’re looking for music a little off the mainstream, then Bearsuit Records should be a label you check out. We’ve previously looked at Harold Nono and his album We’re Almost Home, but today we’ll be checking out Bunny & the Invalid Singers and their third album Flight of the Certainty Kids. Who are Bunny & The Invalid Singers? That’s a really good question as there’s virtually no information available about them/her/him available online. All we do know with any sort of vague certainty is that they claim to be from Edinburgh, and they do… things to music. Such terrible, wonderful things.

As with Harold Nono, it took only the briefest listens to this new album for me to decide that I wanted to review it. Here is another record that sounds like something you recognise, something familiar, but only for a moment or two before notes and instruments creep in that you don’t expect, where a track will start as something that feels like it should be soundtracking a 1960’s spy drama before suddenly the harsh, distorted guitars kick in and you don’t know where you are any more.

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This is an album where something that bears a passing resemblence to the Eagles’ ‘Journey of the Sorcerer’ (as made famous by The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy) rubs shoulders with something else that sounds like it should be playing over the opening credits of a children’s TV show. Just when you think you have a track figured out, where you think you know where it’s going to go, it will surprise and befuddle you.

While openly flouting the “rules” of how music is supposed to work, this is by no means a harsh or difficult album to listen to. If comparisons were to be made, it’s reminiscent of another bucker of musical trends – Igorr. Igorr, though, can be a tough listen; electronic beats mingling with heavy guitar riffs and screaming vocals. Igorr is something to be enjoyed in small doses, while this album from Bunny & The Invalid Singers is something that doesn’t wear out its welcome even after repeated listens.

Flight of the Certainty Kids is out now from Bearsuit Records.

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