Star Trek: The Mirror War #8 – Comic Review

Uneasy may lie well the head that wears a crown, but it does also seem that perhaps even more uneasy is the head that covets one. Over in the ‘Mirror Universe’, Captain Jean-Luc Picard is close to the fruition of his dream to take the reins of the Terran Empire, but will he find his plans thwarted on the cusp of his greatest hour?

Star Trek: The Mirror War heads towards its conclusion, but while it may seem that the course has already been charted, there are still plenty of surprises left in store. Writers Scott and David Tipton have managed to misdirect readers of the series into thinking the pending outcome is inevitable, and thereby upend expectations by changing direction so late in the game, which helps give it a real boost.

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This twisted Picard is full of the brash swagger and arrogance missing from the familiar version we have come to know and love in both Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Picard. His vanity and egotism have long threatened to ruin his machinations to take the throne and rule over the Terran Empire, and his lust for power has meant that he has taken his eyes off those around him, to his cost. Slowly but surely, his supposed underlings have drawn their plans against him.

Having seen hints at a different version of the character in Season 2 of Picard, from a dark alternate timeline where he became renowned for his ruthlessness and brutality, you can see in The Mirror War how this kind of approach could have played out. Perhaps the only significant aspect which really sets them apart is that this comic book iteration is far more driven by a desire to set his own self-interest above all else, including loyalty and duty.

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This has made him reckless and hasty, leaving himself open to an internal power struggle, the seeds of which have been placed through earlier issues. Pride comes before a fall, and so it seems does ego, with Picard having set himself up for a well-deserved comeuppance. The joy here is seeing how the tables have finally started to turn, and those with a vested interest in his downfall are now making their move, in full knowledge and terrible of just what the consequences will be should their coup fail.

By the close of this latest issue, the balance of power – not just on the ISS Enterprise-D, but across the whole galaxy – has significantly shifted, with things no longer being at the end as they were at the start. However, it seems even those with aspirations of greatness are sabotaging themselves in pursuit of their endgame, and their shot at achieving glory may yet come to an untimely end. There is more than ample treason and plot afoot in The Mirror War, with a great deal of intrigue still yet to play out, promising a build to an explosive finish.

Star Trek: The Mirror War #8 is out on 17th August from IDW Publishing.


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