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The Trawl – 12 Days of Podmas

It was so popular last year that we decided to do it again! Join us this holiday season as we introduce you to twelve of our favourite podcasts in the 12 Days of Podmas.

There’s a lot of discourse online. Cultural, societal, political and so on; there’s discourse for everything. And a lot of it happens on Twitter. There’s even discourse on Twitter on the future of Twitter due to recent developments regarding its new ownership. And there’s a lot of it. So what if there was somewhere to go through Twitter to get the highs and lows of it all? 

This is the aim of The Trawl, a podcast hosted by political commentators and broadcasters Jemma Forte and Marina Purkiss. Each week they go through many, many of Twitter’s insightful and funny tweets covering current events.

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The Trawl has a heavy focus on British politics, as that is the specialism of its presenters, and it’s a nice way of getting an overview of what is happening in British politics. The political leanings of the hosts aren’t obscure, they are very open in their opinions and constant criticisms of the Conservative government – but they also do their best to assess what’s happening on a broader scale. But then they do also spend a bit of time lighting a member of the House of Lords each week for doing all sorts of silly things.

It works though, especially as an assessment of the news that has been happening. If you are of the same political alignment – then this is completely for you. It’s also very funny. Forte and Purkiss are very knowledgeable, opinionated and get their arguments across completely. 

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As mentioned earlier, your enjoyment of this podcast will fully depend on your political alignment. If you lean towards similar opinions to Forte and Purkiss then you’ll definitely get something out of this. If you don’t then… well, it’s good to go beyond your bubble sometimes.

The Trawl is available on various podcast platforms.

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