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Magicube Creative Set – Toy Review

Jenny Peck, parent of six year old Luke, takes a look at Geomag’s Magicube Creative Set.

Swiss made Magicube is a range of construction sets aimed at younger kids, from construction toy experts Geomag. When we got the 16 piece Magicube Creative Set delivered, Luke was excited to play with it, as he loves building.

This Magicube set is a box of brightly coloured magnetic blocks, aimed at STEM play and encouraging kids away from screen time.

The packaging is made of recycled material and is all recyclable, which is great news, but it is quite flimsy, and the way that the box opens means that you can’t close it, so it’s no good for storage and will all be thrown away.

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The blocks themselves are made of recycled plastic, so I feel a bit better about the impact this has as a product. The blocks are completely sealed plastic units with no hinges or mouldings – nothing that can get broken off or chewed off! – and I like that. The blocks are strong, and being plastic are easy to clean so can be used in the garden, bath, sandpit – anywhere!

There’s not much information supplied with the set, but it’s a simple toy to use. Luke had no trouble opening it up and immediately playing with it – no need to ask us for help! The blocks are true to the picture on the box, and what you see is what you get.

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I have to say that Luke was a bit frustrated by the lack of variety in this set: just blocks, and no pyramids or oblongs. We used the blocks together for pattern recognition games, and sorting games – into colours and numbers – along with addition and subtraction questions as a prop for Luke to visually experience the values.

Luke pulls them out and plays with them every so often, but I feel that they are a bit too young for him. The box does suggest the set for ages one to five, so he’s just out of this recommended age bracket. All in all I think they are a good product and well made, but a bit limiting for Luke, and retailing at around £40 a little pricey as well. It’s a three out of five from me for this toy for Luke, but I would recommend them to someone with a younger child.

Geomag Magicube Creative Set 16 is available from Not On The High St and other retailers.

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