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Staff Opinion – who should helm a future Star Wars movie?

The Set The Tape staff come together to talk future Star Wars movies...

Recently, as we’re sure everyone not living under a rock on Kashyyyk knows, Colin Trevorrow left the directing gig on Star Wars Episode IX: Title TBA. Very quickly his shoes were filled by none other than JJ Abrams, modern directorial supremo and helmsman of The Force Awakens, a decision splitting fandom clearly down the middle.

Looking ahead, with more anthology films amidst the ongoing series, and the likelihood of another trilogy no doubt beyond that, the big question is… who ideally would helm a future Star Wars movie?

We asked the staff here at Set The Tape for their opinions and we had some, well, interesting suggestions…

MATT LATHAM: “Tommy Wiseau.”


DAN TAYLOR: “The Russo’s. Already established relationship with Disney and able to handle big screen budgets and expectations.”
>EAMON HENNEDY: “Rian Johnson. It’ll be a smooth transition from VIII to a future film I feel plus there appears to be little in creative differences with him.”

KELECHI EHENULO: “Would not surprise me if Rian Johnson did another one but I would love a female director to have a shot. Ava DuVernay would be my choice. She did 13th and Selma, already has a working relationship with Disney with her upcoming film A Wrinkle in Time and apparently she consulted with JJ on one scene in The Force Awakens, I think she’d do as good a job as anyone.”

IAN PATERSON: “Given his outstanding work on Thor and Cinderella, I’d like to see what Branagh would bring to Star Wars. And since both of those were under Disney’s auspices, he’s already on the books!”

JENN REID:I could see Rian Johnson doing another one, but on a personal note I would *love* to read at least one article listing potential directors that remembers there are more lady directors in the world than just Ava DuVernay and Patty Jenkins. Michelle MacLaren? The Wachowski Sisters? Anyone?”

GREG MUCCI: “Michelle MacLaren’s episodes are all directed beautifully, and it would be a significant turning point if a female director of some of televisions greatest shows was picked up for a blockbuster finale.”

NICK LAY: “Alex Garland would be awesome.”

AMY WALKER: “Would love to see the Wachowski sisters give it a go. Love most of their work and would love to see them do Star Wars.”

GM: “Ryan Coogler. Knows how to film action, and before anyone notes that it’s within the confines of a ring, I’d say that the way he films within those tight corners would work against the backdrop of space. I also feel he controls emotion through stagnation really well. Controlled, precise and deliberate.”

Who would you choose to be director of a future Star Wars film? Any of the above or would you throw different names into the pot? Let us know!

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