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Best of 2017… in TV (so far)

Baz Greenland looks at the last eight months of television and considers what has been the creme de la creme of 2017 so far...


Legion main

There are a lot of great superhero TV shows out there and for some, that means an over-saturation of the genre. Personally I don’t see the difference with the over abundance of detective shows or medical dramas (some of which I very much enjoy). I love my weekly fix of The FlashSupergirlLegends of Tomorrow and Arrow, not to mention the vastly improved Agents of SHIELD. But like their big screen counterparts, there needs to be a fine balance between winning formulas (Marvel on the big screen, DC on the small) and something a little more innovative.

Legion, the first standout of 2017, certainly achieves that, emerging not just as a great take on superhero television genre, but on television in general. Through the genius of creator Noah Hawley and dazzling performances from the likes of Dan Stevens as David Haller and Aubrey Plaza as Lenny, the eight episodes that made up its first season were a mesmerising affair. The mentally unstable nature of David, mixed with some powerful psychic mutant abilities, delivered a visual and psychological treat for viewers while the ever omnipotent threat of the Shadow Kind made for dangerous villain.

Be it David conversing with himself to break out of his own mind prison to Plaza’s hypnotising, evil performance when transformed into the Shadow King, Legion journeys through ever-changing memories or break out musical numbers and mutant action sequences. This was a very unique, mind-blowing experience and one I hope the second season continues.

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