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Best of 2017… in TV (so far)

Baz Greenland looks at the last eight months of television and considers what has been the creme de la creme of 2017 so far...


Catastrophe s3

If you haven’t seen this delightfully dark comedy from Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney you are in for a treat. The third series aired on Channel 4 this year and it was just as crude and funny and heartwarming as ever. After the turmoil of the first two seasons (from random hook ups and pregnancies to marriage and unexpected family life), this series saw Rob struggle with being a stay-at-home dad, Sharon take advantage of a colleague’s death to get a promotion, the sordid lives of their friends and family continue to shock and amaze and there’s the tragic death of her father in the Ireland based finale.

What stands out is the sharp dialogue and delivery from Horgan and Delaney, who expose the reality of marriage, parenthood and careers with a blunt rudeness that will be uncomfortably familiar to many in the audience watching.

It also featured the final appearance of Carrie Fisher as Rob’s blunt, American mother Mia. While Star Wars: The Last Jedi won’t be released until Christmas, Catastrophe was the last thing she filmed and she remains a delight to the very end.

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