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Cold Feet: The story so far… (Series 1-6)

Catch up on our handy recap of series 1-7 ahead of Cold Feet's return...

Cold Feet Series 6 (2016)

Cold Feet s6

The show returned for a surprise new series last year. Adam came to Manchester from his job in Hong Kong to marry his colleague and daughter of a millionaire business tycoon, Angela (Karen David). Realising his son Matthew (Ceallach Spellman) is struggling in boarding school. Adam stays behind and his short lived marriage doesn’t survive. But he soon has a connection with Rachel-lookalike landlady Tina (Leanne Best) and after lots of flirtation they finally get together.

Jenny and Pete struggle through his financial problems and he suffers with depression, almost committing suicide at one point, while the return of Chloe’s real father Grant (Robert Webb) creates problems when she learns that Pete isn’t her dad. Karen starts a relationship with Angela’s millionaire father Eddie (Art Malik) and David finds himself suspended from work for financial fraud and nearly faces jail time, while his marriage to Robyn ends.

All recapped up? Now you’re ready for the seventh series of Cold Feet. We’ll be bringing you episode reviews on a weekly basis…


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