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Kingsman: 5 Inspirations for The Golden Circle

Tony Black takes a look at the suave, spy inspirations for Kingsman: The Golden Circle...


This is obvious, isn’t it? Bond has inspired so much over the past fifty years it almost seems pointless to mention, but you can’t have a conversation about Kingsman without talking 007. Vaughn is on record as a major Bond fan (even if his straight talking probably means he’ll never get to helm one), so much so he found a way to make an X-Men film half a 60’s Bond movie – no mean feat. Bond is everywhere in Kingsman; from the gadgets to the apocalyptic villain’s plan and his lair, the unusual henchmen, the overt sexual mores, and of course the emphasis on British suave couture.

And yet at the same time it feels as much an inversion as an homage, with Vaughn intentionally pushing the boundaries of down & dirty gags, backstories and outlandish storytelling in a way that makes it post-modern in its love affair with Bond. Some loved it for that and some, well… didn’t!

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