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Kingsman: 5 Inspirations for The Golden Circle

Tony Black takes a look at the suave, spy inspirations for Kingsman: The Golden Circle...


When you think of Michael Caine and the Sixties, you probably either think of The Italian Job, Alfie or maybe even Zulu, but one of Sir Mike’s other iconic roles serves as a visible visual inspiration for Taron Egerton’s Eggsy – downtrodden British spy Harry Palmer, who Caine played first in The Ipcress File in 1965 and would go on to portray three more times over the next three decades, playing the character from Len Deighton’s adapted novels.

Though Kingsman is much brighter in tone and slicker in style, Harry Palmer’s suited and booted in spectacles look is very clearly something Vaughn, and of course original comic book writer Mark Millar, had their eye on when creating their template.

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