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Steven Spielberg: (A Very Subjective) Favourite 5 Films

Tony Black runs down some of Steven Spielberg's best movies...

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)

Come on, who doesn’t love the Indiana Jones films? Except perhaps 2007’s Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which we can only hope the upcoming Indy 5 makes up for (and, y’know, isn’t *that* bad). Though it’d be hard to argue against Raiders of the Lost Ark being the strongest of the franchise, Last Crusade has always been my personal favourite. Originally the final Indy film, concluding a trilogy which bookended Spielberg’s immensely successful 1980’s career, it’s got a script dripping with wit and style, iconic action sequences, another gorgeous John Williams score, and Harrison Ford & Sean Connery as one of the best double acts in all of cinema. “You call this archaeology?!”

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