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Best of 2017… Film – Movies still to look forward to

Nick Lay casts an eye forward to the films we still have to get excited about in 2017...

As cinematic years go, the first half of 2017 flattered to deceive. For some reason the internet has grown accustomed to pretending each well made popcorn action flick should be declared an instant classic (yes, this includes Baby Driver and Logan), or that decent horrors Split and Get Out were not let down by weak finales. A quick dig beneath the surface of that first six months, however, reveals a distinctly underwhelming feel.

The second half of the year has so far done its best to raise the bar with a few notable releases (Dunkirk, a technical sensation, Wind River, Taylor Sheridan’s annual out pouring of pain, and David Lowery’s intriguingly layered A Ghost Story spring to mind), but as we move into the traditional business-end of the year, do any upcoming big hitters or indie reels have the potential to ultimately save the day for 2017?

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