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Best of 2017… Film – Movies still to look forward to

Nick Lay casts an eye forward to the films we still have to get excited about in 2017...

Thor: Ragnarok / Justice League

To be clear, it is difficult to see either of these superhero juggernauts saving any cinematic days this year. However, the billions of dollars both films are bound to generate will come straight from the pockets of moviegoers everywhere, so to deny the eye-watering level of interest in both pictures is futile. While Thor is not exactly a standout standalone Marvel character, Ragnarok is being helmed by Taika Waititi – writer and director of last year’s exceptional Hunt for the Wilderpeople – who will no doubt hammer out a tight, witty production with relative ease.

Unfortunately, such basic optimism escapes the outlook for DC’s Justice League. With perennial offender of common sense Zack Snyder heading up proceedings (before he stepped away and Joss Whedon took over to finish the job), and a collection of promotional material that so far screams little more than “lots of CGI enemies you won’t care about”, it is difficult to see why anyone bar Warner Bros. accountants would be bracing themselves for this one.

Thor / Justice League UK release dates: October 27 / November 17

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