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Borg vs McEnroe: 5 Unusual Sports Movies to check out

Steve Norman takes a glance at some of the more offbeat sports movies out there...

Eddie the Eagle

Us Brits love an underdog (perhaps underdog should read ‘absolute no hoper giving something a best shot’) and there has been no bigger British sporting underdog, apart from maybe the 2015-2016 Leicester City squad, than Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards.

Taron Egerton went from chav turned spy in Kingsman and gangster in Legend to glasses-wearing British ski jump hopeful with skill beyond his years with consummate ease. He bounces off his coach, played by Hugh Jackman, really well, in what is, like Cool Runnings, a charming, winter sports based comedy.

Indeed both films take place during the same Winter Olympics tournament and like Cool Runnings some poetic license was taken with the story, but the end product is equally as satisfying.

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