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Star Trek: Discovery – Who’s Who?

Clara Cook breaks down who's who in the brand new Star Trek: Discovery...

Other Characters


Sarek is a well-known character in the Star Trek franchise. Vulcan Ambassador to the Federation, husband to Amanda Grayson and father to Spock and Sybok, this younger version of Sarek is portrayed by well known British actor James Frain. In Discovery, Sarek is both surrogate father to Burnham and mentor in offering advice to her as she progresses through Starfleet.

Harry Mudd

Harry Mudd, like Sarek, is a memorable character from The Original Series. He is portrayed by Rainn Wilson, famous for his role on the US version of The Office. This will be a younger version of the charming con man, originally played twice in the 1960’s by Roger C. Carmel. As well as retaining some of the humour of the original character, he is reported to also be slightly darker and more dastardly.

That’s a rundown of the key players going into Discovery. Now you know who the main cast are, we get to see quite how they become new living legends in the Star Trek mythos.

Have you seen the first episode of Star Trek: Discovery? What did you think of it? Let us know!

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