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Young Frankenstein’s Mel Brooks – his other spoofs you may have missed

James Murphy on Mel Brooks and his spoofs, as Young Frankenstein returns to cinemas...

The myth about spoof is that it must make you laugh but that’s nonsense. It can be enjoyed as entertainment, even if it fails to raise a titter. It’s just a question of finding the other traits of value in the piece beyond the laughter deficit. And so it is with Mel Brooks.

You hear the name and think of laugh fests from Blazing Saddles through Young Frankenstein and The Producers. But there are others. Brooks movies that, though by no means as beloved as the household names, and nowhere near as ‘funny’ as more famed counterparts, still have a comedic and cinematic currency worth decoding.

As Young Frankenstein re-enters select cinemas this week, we look at a few other of Brooks’ comedies you may have missed…

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