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Young Frankenstein’s Mel Brooks – his other spoofs you may have missed

James Murphy on Mel Brooks and his spoofs, as Young Frankenstein returns to cinemas...

High Anxiety! (1977)

Ending on a high. How does this one not get more love? It’s excellent, fusing pretty much every Hitchcockian motif into one seamless spoof. This is more pastiche than ‘spoof’. Indeed it functions, genuinely, as a thriller (well, almost). It contains a flawless cast of Brooks stalwarts, is ilm grammar perfect, has a catchy title song and looks terrific.

Winner of several Golden Globes, it’s a must watch for fans not only of Brooks but cinema in general. Overlooked in a sense, in retrospect. Do not let it slip past your radar when reviewing the Brooks’ back catalogue.

What is your favourite Mel Brooks comedy? Let us know!

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