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Game of Thrones’ Ramin Djawadi – 5 of his Best Scores

Baz Greenland looks at the man behind the music of Game Of Thrones and considers his top five scores...

Iron Man (2008)

This slick score was created by Ramin Djawadi, who came into work on the first Marvel Cinematic Universe movie quite late into filming (Jon Favreau’s preferred composer was unavailable and Iron Man fan Djawadi pushed for the job). It’s a soundtrack quite different to his other emotive, epic scores but just as exciting, mixing orchestral scores with a rock band to perfectly capture the cool, fun essence of the movie.

It’s remarkably simplistic at times but effectively so; the guitar riffs running through tracks like ‘Fireman’, mixed with dramatic string movements are intense and relentless while more atmospheric pieces like ‘Trinkets to kill a Prince’ capture the danger of Tony’s imprisonment in Afghanistan. Some Marvel movie scores have felt lacking in memorable, individual tracks, but with this piece, you know exactly who the hero is.

Best track: ‘Driving with the Top Down’, a slick, epic score to accompany Tony’s first test of the Mark II suit.

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