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Game of Thrones’ Ramin Djawadi – 5 of his Best Scores

Baz Greenland looks at the man behind the music of Game Of Thrones and considers his top five scores...

Westworld main

Westworld (2016-present)

The Westworld soundtrack is a thing of beauty, in which Djawadi mixes original scores with some unique adaptations of classic songs to deliver something truly special. He makes great use of the genres too, blending Western and sci-fi just as brilliant through music as the show does on screen.

From the simple piano version of ‘Back to Black’ to the rip-roaring Western heist music that is ‘Paint it Black’, the powerfully emotional strings at play in ‘Motion Picture Soundtrack’ to the powerful season cliffhanger score at play in ‘Exit Music (For a Film)’, this TV soundtrack has everything. And when you get epic pieces like ‘Trompe L’Oeil’ thrown in, it is clear that this soundtrack is a thing of passion. I would probably put this at number one, if it wasn’t for the fact that we’ve only had ten episodes to acquaint ourselves with Djawadi’s mesmerising score.

Best track: ‘Paint It Black’ – a superb Western adaptation of The Rolling Stones classic track.

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