Nintendo Classic Mini: SNES Part 4 – All 21 games round-up (6-1)

Matt Lambourne concludes his SNES Classic mini roundup...

1. Super Mario World (1991)

Imagine looking forward to the impending release of the Super Nintendo back in the early 90’s and then getting your console home and firing up Super Mario World for the first time, truly one of gaming’s finest moments for any old-school gamer.

Extracting Mario out of his normal comfort zone of the Mushroom Kingdom and leaving him to fend for himself in Dinosaur Land, you must use every trick in the book (as well as a few new ones) to defeat Bowser in one gaming’s greatest adventures. The game is immediately accessible to anyone who has played a classic Mario game but provides plenty of new things to learn, such as the new Flying-Feather powerup which allows Mario to take to the skies for the first time, something that you will find yourself doing all too often when first getting hold of the game.

You’ll also be quickly introduced to Yoshi, your new Green Dinosaur companion who has a penchant for eating everything in sight, but luckily it is to your advantage. The stages are immensely colorful and varied and a joy to race along at high speed, forcing you to use every ounce of your platforming skill to negotiate. Then you have the task of finding and completing all 96 stages on top of defeating Bowser, so it provides a huge amount of replay value as you attempt to unlock all of the blocks and alternative routes through stages.

It truly is a gaming masterpiece and, in the eyes of this reviewer, only second to Mario 64 as the greatest platforming game of all-time. I’m sure plenty will disagree and say Super Mario World is the finest example of a pure platformer ever made, and I have no quarrel with that.

It’s gaming simplicity that makes this so special. It’s imaginative, incredible fun and hugely heartwarming to play. And due to its 16-bit visuals, it will never age… Super Mario World is 100% as playable today as it was in 1991, and always will be.

We hope you have enjoyed our round-up of the SNES Classic Mini games. Perhaps you have an alternative view on the best games here, what would have made your number 1? We’d love to know via the comments below, or hit us up on Twitter @SetTheTape #StayRetro !

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