Middle-Earth Shadow of War: 5 other fantasy games you may enjoy

Amy Walker presents five fantasy games you'll love if you like the upcoming Middle-earth: Shadow of War...


Dragon’s Dogma

Platform: PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Windows

Dragon’s Dogma mixes open world fantasy exploration with epic hack and slash combat against huge monstrous enemies. The game lets you choose your character’s gender and class, allowing for a level of personalisation to create your own version of the story.

After having your heart torn out by a dragon, who names you the ‘chosen one’, you are revived as an ‘Arisen’, and must go on a quest to kill the dragon and regain your heart. Along the way you’ll meet other characters, and will have to fight against monsters so massive that they take up most of the screen.

Whilst a lot of games with giant boss monsters have you attack the legs and lower extremities of the creature, in Dragon’s Dogma you can climb on top of the monsters and attack them from above, creating some of the most visually impressive action moments in any fantasy game.

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