Middle-Earth Shadow of War: 5 other fantasy games you may enjoy

Amy Walker presents five fantasy games you'll love if you like the upcoming Middle-earth: Shadow of War...


Horizon: Zero Dawn

Platform: PS4

Possibly something of a cheat on this list, as Horizon: Zero Dawn is more of a science-fiction game than a fantasy one; however, the gameplay is such a unique mixture of fantasy and science fiction that it deserves to be included on this list.

Set around a thousand years in the future where humanity has regressed into a primitive tribal society, Horizon: Zero Dawn sees players take on the role of Aloy. Aloy is a hunter, who can explore the vast future landscape with her bow and spear, fighting against huge robotic foes.

Fusing the traditional fantasy elements of primitive societies, weapons such as bows and spears, with a future setting, and replacing creatures like dragons with robotic dinosaurs makes Horizon: Zero Dawn one of the most unique fantasy games around.

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