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Once Upon A Time – Who’s Who in Season 7?

Dan Taylor talks who's who for the new season of Once Upon a Time...

Henry Mills (Andrew J. West)

The son of the Saviour, Emma Swan, and Neal “Baelfire” Cassidy who is the eldest son of Rumpelstiltskin, Henry is also the Author whose job it is to document the lives of beings from magical realms such as the Enchanted Forest.

Henry was given up as a baby and raised by Regina Mills for ten years in Storybrooke while the town was under the Dark Curse, which she had cast to stop Henry’s grandparents Snow White and Prince Charming from getting their happy ending. Despite her actions, Henry soon realised that Regina did love him and that she could potentially be saved from the darkness that had led to her becoming the Evil Queen.

At the end of Season Six, it is revealed that sometime between the Final Battle against the Black Fairy and the beginning of Season Seven, he had a daughter named Lucy…

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